Prince Harry Spent His Birthday With Ex-Girlfriend -- No, Not Chelsy Davy

cressida bonasIt was just yesterday that we were dreaming of the marriage of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy -- seriously, it was yesterday! The rumors were rampant that Harry's ex-longtime love Chelsy flew in from South Africa to see her Prince celebrate turning 31. But now we're hearing that it was his recent ex Cressida Bonas who was by Harry's side for the blowing out of those candles.


Oh, Harry. Which ex is it?

Cressida and Harry got together after what we assumed was the final break up of Harry and Chelsy, who had been on and off since 2004. Harry dated Cressida for two years, just long enough for wedding rumors to happen, and then they broke up.

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The 26-year-old actress moved on, but she reportedly is no longer with her boyfriend actor Edward Holcroft. And so she attended the private Happy Birthday Harry party in Chelsea, West London. Kind of strange it was in Chelsea, Chelsy.

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Exactly why Cressida and Harry broke up is shrouded in mystery. There was an apparent disagreement at a friend's wedding (only the best couples fight at weddings) and then there was that bit about Harry in Las Vegas and some naked chicks. Not very Royal, Harry! Some believe Harry still carries a torch for Chelsy as well. And so the battle of the blondes with names that start with C is always on.

Maybe Harry just doesn't know what he wants. Sigh.


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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