Kylie Jenner Ditches Her Blonde Hair for 'Cotton Candy Mint' (PHOTO)

kylie jenner

Well, that was fast. After she made a big deal about "going blonde for the fall," Kylie Jenner now has green hair again. Jenner debuted her green -- and I mean green -- locks at the opening of the Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant in New York on Wednesday. It looks ... well, see for yourself. 


The look is very mermaidesque, and knowing Kylie, could very well just be a wig. But, being that her hair has the exact same color blonde roots, that may not be the case. Check Kylie out:

Kylie's calling her hair color "cotton candy mint," but to me it looks more spearmint. As in the gum. 

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While I think Kylie is a beautiful girl, I'm just going to be honest here: Not really feeling this hair color. She was looking great with her lighter -- and shorter -- 'do. And she only had it for about a week! Why the change already?!

Perhaps part of what is making Kylie so popular these days is the fact that she's such a chameleon. She's constantly changing up her appearance and always getting people talking about her. She's no dummy. She's knows what she's doing. 

Kylie is certainly the most "popular" Kardashian-Jenner girl these days -- and no doubt that's thanks in part to her ever-changing looks. And, I mean, if that's at the sacrifice of a good hair color, so be it, right?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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