Amy Duggar's 'No Boundaries' Honeymoon Sounds Absolutely Perfect


Wow, Amy Duggar King is living her best honeymoon possible. Her husband Dillon can't stop gushing over her, and now she's the one gushing about how much she loves her husband and how romantic her "no boundaries" marriage is.



Mrs. King told People, "We're just so in love." (Oh really? We didn't notice ...) "This trip has definitely brought us closer together. Before we had boundaries in our relationship. Now we wake up next to each other every day! It's been awesome." You guys, they're spending whole days rolling around in the hay together. Aww, what a sweet, old-fashioned take on a honeymoon.

Amy challenged her conservative family's super-strict courtship rules, openly kissing her fiancé. But she and Dillon were trying to abstain from having sex before their wedding. Apparently they've negotiated that transition just fine, thank you! 

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But more important than what Amy and Dillon did before versus after their wedding, they're using their honeymoon to grow closer as a couple. That's the ideal for every couple, isn't it? Sure, it's nice to recuperate from the planning and festivities. But most of all it's important to bond with each other. It's a special time -- and that's clearly the case for this couple.

It's also nice that the newlyweds are focused on each other, and not on the never-ending drama of the Duggar family. 

We wish Amy and Dillon many happy years of a marriage without boundaries.

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