Kate Middleton & Prince William's Family Plans Might Be Putting a Damper on Their Marriage

kate middleton prince williamFresh off her maternity leave, Kate Middleton is getting back to her princess duties with a new hair 'do (bangs!) and stars in her eyes with thoughts about getting pregnant again. That is, if what was said is true. Kate is believed to want four kids in all, but Prince William is supposedly happy with the two they have ... and no more. So what happens now?


William has one brother -- he is used to that two-kid household ... er, sorry, castlehold. Kate has a brother, James, and sister, Pippa. Three kids in that commoner house. So it makes sense that she married a prince and wants four kids by the time she's 40. She's 33 now. And if that's true, she's definitely working on Prince Will to get him on board with the baby-making rituals to make this all a reality.

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All that traveling with four kids doesn't sound appealing to me. The royals are always jetting off here, there, and everywhere. I cannot imagine jet-setting with all those kids. But, again, I'm a commoner. Being a princess comes with a certain amount of magical powers ... or some kind of powers. You need powers to have all those kids!

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Supposedly, and I hate even mentioning it, this disagreement is causing a bit of a rift between Kate and Will. If she wants more kids and he doesn't they sure aren't going to be doing the dance it takes to make more kids. Meaning, they aren't connecting. And they have to connect to stay happy and we all want nothing more for them than to be happy. Will's sort of curt response about having a third child, though, gives me a sense that he's not sure about a third or fourth kid. Will said:

We've only just had the second one. You never know what is going to happen in the future.

You never know. True. Will having more kids spell trouble here? Will not doing so cause a rift?! Maybe watching 2-year-old George getting older and playing with his 4-month-old sister Charlotte will tug at the heartstrings of daddy Will, making him want to make a whole castle full of babies. We'll have to wait and see -- though whatever happens will happen within seven years ... that's Kate's self-imposed baby-making cut off. Until then ... happy thoughts!


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