Kylie Jenner Gets a Demure 'Makeunder' You Have to See to Believe (PHOTO)

With Kylie only being 18, it's hardly like we can expect her to adopt a modest style all of the time, but Kylie Jenner is demure perfection in a more covered-up-than-usual style at New York Fashion Week.


The current blonde looked lovely at Vera Wang's Spring 2016 show in an all-black ensemble that kept her curves under wraps. An oversized coat with cutouts, matching trousers, and what looks to be a midriff-baring strapless top make up the outfit.

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Kylie also went understated with her hair and makeup and it looks so pretty. The low ponytail is sleek and sophisticated, while her keeping the eyes natural and just focusing on a bold pout gives the teen a more mature look.

And is it just me or does that outfit also look really comfy? My guess is you can't say that often about get-ups you're wearing to Fashion Week, so it feels like a win-win.

This isn't to say Kylie doesn't look great when she's in all of her skin-baring glory, but it's so nice to see her tone it down every once in a while. I mean, even older sister Kim Kardashian covers up every now and again (not often, but sometimes). Every fashionista knows the key to being a style icon is to keep them guessing -- and it looks like Kylie is well on her way to being just that.


Image via Alberto Reyes/

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