Scott Disick Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend -- That Didn't Take Long

Well, that didn't take long. Scott Disick reportedly has a new girlfriend, but it isn't any of the ladies he has previously been linked to in the media.


Star magazine is reporting that Kourtney Kardashian's ex is partying it up with Makayla Yarbrough, a 22-year-old model he met in, wait for it, Las Vegas.

I'm not shocked Scott's picking up women in Sin City either -- considering that's where he gets paid to host a bunch of nightclub appearances.

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While the tabloid alleges that Makayla is incredibly chatty with friends about her exploits with Scott, the father of three is apparently trying to keep their relationship under wraps for fear of Kourt finding out.

I'd say that's probably a good move on his part. If I were Kourtney, I wouldn't exactly enjoy watching my ex (and the father of my kids) parading around with models left and right. And if Scott has any dreams of reconciling or at least keeping the peace with her for the sake of the children, then he might want to be conservative with how much info gets out there about his personal life.

Of course I still maintain that Kourtney is getting the best revenge by creating a strong and sexy body. It's certainly the healthy alternative to partying your problems away. But to each his or her own.


Image via JaX/Splash News

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