Naomi Campbell Defied Instagram’s Unfair Policy for More Than 20 Hours (PHOTO)

The latest celeb to join the "Free the Nipple" movement is supermodel Naomi Campbell, and she almost got away with it. Campbell posted a topless photo to Instagram, nipples uncensored, and it stayed there for over 20 hours.


The image is cropped from a larger, entirely nude photo from a 2013 Interview magazine profile of Campbell. The model posted it to promote her new book, Naomi Campbell, which includes several nudes. But since she added the hashtag #freethenipple it's pretty clear she's also taking a stand on how much of their bodies women are allowed to share.

So far other celeb proponents of the movement haven't commented on Campbell's photo or on Instagram's choice to keep it for almost an entire 24 hours.

You have to wonder why Instagram allowed the photo to linger as long as it did. You could argue that Campbell's photo is artistic, but the same could be said of the IG-banished topless photo Chrissy Teigen posted this summer -- taken by the same photographer, by the way.

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Or maybe Instagram has tired of waging this battle. I think we all know that people are finding ingenious ways to post racy (and in some cases nearly pornographic, depending on how you define that) photos that seem to do everything but free the nipple. Why is a breastfeeding selfie or a fashion image "worse" than a blatantly sexual come-on that just happens to obscure the nipple?

Maybe women are finally winning. After all, it's women who are behind the Free the Nipple movement. Oh sure, a lot of men are cheering from the sidelines. But it's interesting how it's women who feel the strongest about not having their bodies censored. It seems trivial, but when you think about it, it fits into the overarching mission for women to gain more control over our bodies, what we do with them, and how much of them we share.

Or maybe they just didn't notice it until now. Who knows?

Here's Garage magazine's censored version of the photo. Some of the nudes from Campbell's book will appear in their forthcoming issue. You can also see the uncensored photo via Campbell's tweet.



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