Robert Pattinson's Bizarre 'Addiction' Explains Why He Always Looks So Bummed (PHOTOS)

rpattzWe always knew Robert Pattinson looked sad, and now we know why: In a recent interview, the actor admitted he has a "weird habit" of obsessively reading his most negative, hateful reviews. "I do read reviews to a fault, and it's an awful thing to do," he said. 


"It's an addiction," Pattinson continued.

"And you only read the bad ones, too, just to foster hatred, self-hatred, self-loathing."

He went on to talk about how he's always felt like a "fraud" with an immense need to prove himself. Awww, RPattz, why you gotta be so hard on yourself?? Although this really explains a lot. Just think of all the times we've seen Pattinson looking spectacularly gloomy. All this time we hoped assumed he was mooning over his true love ex Kristen Stewart, but now we know the truth: He's going over all those negative reviews in his head! A few (theoretical) examples of what we mean:

Here we see Pattinson contemplating the time that reviewer called his acting in Bel Ami "wooden schtick":


And here we see Pattinson thinking about that time some other guy called him a "black hole of talent":


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And then there was the time he was called out for being one of "Hollywood's smelliest actors" -- how's a guy supposed to get over that??


And there you have it. Of COURSE this very bleak habit of Robert Pattinson's explains all those long-faced paparazzi shots. Don't let the haters get you down, RPattz!! You'll always be Edward Cullen to us. (Oh wait, that's probably a bummer for you too. Never mind.)

Images via AR Photo/Splash News; exen/Splash News; Steffman-Turgeon/Splash News; Riccardo Cesari/Splash News

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