Jill Duggar's Husband Shares a Cryptic Tweet in Wake of Family Scandal

It's been a difficult summer for the Duggars (to say the least), but all things considered, most of them are handling it pretty well. Jill, her husband Derick, and their new baby Israel left for a mission trip in South America a few months ago and seem to be flourishing there, and recently, the Dillards have been turning to Bible passages for support.


Derick recently shared one about confidence and children:

Whatever meaning the passage has is shrouded in the strange Bible language, but it's impossible not to read into this stuff and at least TRY to figure out what they could be saying. 

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I mean, it has to have a meaning somewhere. Is it about Jill? Israel? Or maybe we're talking more about Josh, or Derick's struggles with fatherhood. We wish he would just tell us, but since he probably won't, we'll be here playing this guessing game instead. 

Whatever the meaning, I'm sure it's hard for Derick and Jill to find confidence right now -- the Duggar family is struggling majorly as it was revealed that their oldest son, Josh, cheated on his wife, got addicted to porn, and checked into rehab. 

And that's after the whole world found out that he had molested children (Jill included) when he was a teenager. 

It's a lot to handle, but we hope that find a way through.


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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