Kristen Stewart Shares Just How 'Hurt' She Was After Her Split From Robert Pattinson

Breaking up is hard to do. Recently, Kristen Stewart revealed just how hard it was to break up with Robert Pattinson, and what she had to say about it wasn't what we expected. According to the Twilight star, it was harder than we ever imagined.


The 25-year-old confessed to the Daily Beast on Sunday that she's still not entirely over the very public split from her costar. When chatting about the breakup, Stewart said, "It was incredibly painful ... Ugh, f--king kill me."

KStew and RPattz's high-profile romance came to an end several months after she was caught on camera cheating on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. They tried to work it out, but alas, they eventually split for good in 2013.

But that doesn't mean that Kristen didn't learn from the experience. While promoting her new movie Equals at the Toronto Film Fest over the weekend, the actress said that her life experience helped get into character for the project.

On costarring with Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, she said, "It was a really good time for both of us to make this movie ... Not all of my friends have been through what I've been through, or what some people have tasted at a relatively speaking young age, and we were not expected to do anything. Everything that we did was explorative, and a meditation on what we already knew."

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Stewart and Hoult played a couple in the Drake Doremus–directed film, and she said that it gave her hope that love could happen after heartbreak. She shared, "If you've been hurt -- you know when you've broken up with someone and you look at someone walking down the street holding hands and think, 'Ugh, give it a f--kin' year. Let me know how you feel in a year.' Ugh, I don't believe in that."

She explained, "Well, if we did our jobs right, then it would be to remind you that you can definitely get back to that, and how hard, amazing, and life-fulfilling those feelings were in the very beginning."

What an amazing attitude to have about love and relationships! It looks like both Kristen and Rob have lived that advice, as she's allegedly involved with Alicia Cargile now, and he's engaged to singer FKA Twigs.

Love is hard, no doubt -- but if you let the relationships happen, even the bad ones will lead you to good places.


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