Queen Elizabeth Skypes With Her Grandkids -- Yes, Skypes

queen elizabethQueen Elizabeth has proven she is a cool grandma with this very modern move -- the Queen Skypes with her grandkids. Yes, the 89-year-old monarch is computer-savvy enough to stay in touch with her littlest loved ones through the Interwebs. I can just image Prince Harry setting it all up for her so she can talk to Prince George and coo at Princess Charlotte.


The Queen isn't stuck in the past -- she's quite savvy with what goes on now and for the future. Is she a very cosmopolitan Queen? I'd venture to say yes (okay, maybe a little cosmo), and I would think we have Prince Harry and Prince William to thank for that. But not so fast. As it turns out, it's granddaughter Zara Phillips, also known by her married name Zara Tindall, whom she Skypes with the most.

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Good thing she taught the Queen because with the arrival of great-grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she has a lot of grandmotherly duties to uphold. Since the Queen is so busy all the time, it's the perfect way to stay connected.

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Her royal highness revealed her special way she keeps in touch with the grandkids during the annual meeting of the Women's Institute -- she's been attending for 72 years and has only missed a few meetings over the years. Such devotion! Yvonne Browne, vice president and chair of the group, said of the Queen: "She's very much in the modern world, and as most grandparents know, if they want to keep in touch with their families these days that's what they have to do!"

Just one more way that the Queen ... rules.

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