Kylie Jenner Wears Nothing but a Pair of Mesh Undies in New Photo

kylie jennerOn Monday, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself in a snowsuit. Just kidding! Kylie posted a photo of herself in mesh underwear, because, duh! Of course she did. Oh, Kylie ... 


In the pic, Kylie is seen writing her Instagram name -- King Kylie -- on a foggy bathroom mirror with her finger. And, naturally, the only thing she's wearing is a pair of see-through undies. What, you don't wear those?

Evidently, this photo is for Kylie's new website/app, where all of her fans can go to "learn a bit more about [her]" -- because up until this point, the youngest Jenner sister has all but been a recluse. 

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No doubt, Kylie is a beautiful woman, but does every single photo of herself need to be so over-the-top sexy? I mean, sheesh, girl. We get it. You're sexy "af." But, you're just as gorgeous in a sweatshirt and no makeup -- you know that, right?

Kylie seems to be on a mission to take over the world -- or, at the very least, take over the Kardashian empire -- and as of now, she seems to be well on her way. That said, I hope that she realizes that her fame and popularity aren't solely because of mesh undie shots. They're because of her ... um ... 

Okay, fine, maybe they're because of her mesh undie shots. 


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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