Prince Harry's 31st Birthday Plans Are Totally Selfless & We Love Him for It

Birthdays are the one time of the year when you're expected to think about you, you, you — but Prince Harry is celebrating his 31st birthday by honoring war heroes who protected England during World War II.


Prince William's younger brother spent 10 years in the military, where he held the rank of captain. Harry retired from the Armed Forces in March 2015, but his heart is obviously still with the people who dedicate (and have dedicated) their lives to defending others.

He could obviously do anything he wants on his birthday — dine out, hop on a private jet and spend days in the Maldives — but Harry is instead attending a gathering of vintage Battle of Britain aircraft, where he will watch 40 Spitfire, Hurricane, and Bristol Blenheim bombers fly in formation. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the 1940 battle, which took the lives of 544 soldiers from the Fighter Command as they defended Great Britain against Hiter's military.

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Prince Harry has come a long way since his earlier, wilder days (not that he's averse to cutting loose and shutting down a Miami club every now and then). He seems to have a solid understanding that his role in life is to serve the public and he has a great respect for history and all those who came before him and helped make England great.

Love the way he decided to spend his birthday — I think he earned a few birthday drinks at the pub (with Chelsy Davy, I hope).


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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