Kylie Jenner Finally Spills the Secret Behind Her Ample Cleavage (VIDEO)

kylie jennerKylie Jenner's appearance has changed so dramatically over the past year or so, it's no surprise that rumors have been running rampant about the various different plastic surgery procedures which may or may not have contributed to her new look -- but unlike her lips, Kylie swears her cleavage is 100 percent real!


That's right: They're real, and they're spectacular. While Kylie has admitted to using lip injections to achieve her now-infamous pout, she claims her D-cups are merely the result of normal development -- AND one truly fabulous bra. In a video posted to her new website,, Kylie explains her newly voluptuous figure thusly:

“I don’t share this with a lot of people. Everyone thinks I’ve gotten a breast augmentation recently and I haven’t! I just use the Bombshell [bra] by Victoria's Secret. It’s life changing. I’ve gotten all my sisters on it and all my friends. If you ever want the look of bigger breasts that’s what I do!”

“So this is the Bombshell. Clearly it’s 10 times bigger, no contouring, no nothing ... it’s all padding," she adds.

"I think it’s great … girly … this is it, no breast implants, no surgery, no contouring, nothing -- it’s amazing!” 

Check it out:

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Amazing indeed! But is she telling the truth? Hard to say. I don't want to say I spent a long time staring at Kylie's boobs trying to figure out whether or not they're real, because that would be creepy, but a passing glance would indicate that ... oh hell, I don't know, it's really hard to tell. I will say, however, that girls often aren't fully finished with their development until late teenagerdom, so it's totally possible. Plus, big sister Kim (who, unlike other big sister Kourtney and mom Kris, does NOT have breast implants), has a pretty sizable rack. So it's totally possible that Kylie's chest is the result of genetics, and not silicone.

Either way, I think we can expect sales of the Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra to spike!


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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