16 Times Kate Middleton Reminded Us She's Still a Commoner at Heart (PHOTOS)

Amy Goldman | Sep 18, 2015 Celebrities
16 Times Kate Middleton Reminded Us She's Still a Commoner at Heart (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonBetween public appearances and royal obligations, Kate Middleton still manages to come across as a down-to-earth, normal person. Not only is she a devoted mom, but also she wears hoodies! Kate geeks out when meeting celebrities, and she makes goofy faces in photos. She walks her own pup in the park, and her sister, Pippa, is her best friend.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite moments that remind us that Kate Middleton really is a regular woman in extraordinarily fabulous circumstances.


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  • She Got Bangs!


    Image via Jesal/Tanna/Splash News

    The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to hair trends. Fortunately for Kate, though, her new side-swept fringe looks great with her features.

  • Marilyn Monroe Moment


    Image via Paul Marriott/Splash News

    Even the future Queen of England has to awkwardly grab her skirt in order to avoid a revealing wardrobe malfunction à la Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.

  • Goof Troop


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    She's refreshingly goofy around her bae. William looks like he's saying, "Wouldn't this look better on Charlotte?"

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  • Obedience Training


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    Kate walks her own pup, Lupo, in Kensington Park Gardens. Lupo looks really excited about a piece of garbage that's blowing in the wind, but Kate's clearly having none of it.

  • All Thumbs


    Image via Ben Stansall/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Kate bestows two thumbs up on people when she approves of something. She's a little dorky like that.

  • The First Wives Club


    Image via Allpix/Splash News

    Kate looks as excited to meet Michelle Obama as we would be. Who could resist fangirling while meeting the super cool First Lady?

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  • London Bridge Is Falling Down


    Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

    No one is safe from the menace that is walking in high heels -- not even Kate Middleton. Kate nearly fell face-first at the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St. Patrick's Day Parade when her heel got caught in a storm drain, something that happens to us more often than we'd care to admit. (Okay, all the time.)

  • Mad Hatter


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate feels just as silly as we would in this prominent fascinator. It looks as though a small UFO landed on her head, and then a bird perched upon it and left behind a lone feather.

  • The Candy Man Can


    Image via Mark Large/Allpix/Splash News

    Kate spoke to us when she couldn't resist indulging in a sweet concoction during her visit to The Brink, a non-alcoholic bar in Liverpool. She's a patron of Action on Addiction, the charity that established The Brink.

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  • Oooh Baby, Baby


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    Kate melts when she sees adorable baby girls in frilly dresses, just like we do. The preppy striped cardigan and pink flower headband appear to have the duchess's approval. A+ style moment, baby!

  • The In-Laws


    Image via Tony Clark/Splash News

    Getting to know your partner's family is awkward no matter what family you're marrying into. Kate tries to bond with husband William's royal grandmum and stepmum by going out with them for a day of shopping in London.

  • President of the Downton Abbey Fanclub


    Image via Downton Abbey/Nick Briggs/Splash News

    Kate looks like a ride or die Downton Abbey fan as she talks to Daisy and Mrs. Patmore on set. We think the Dowager Countess would approve of her presence.

  • How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?


    Image via Ben Stansall/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    While hoodies might not be a staple in her wardrobe, Kate's not above wearing them in an effort to fit in with the young Beaver Scouts she's visiting.

  • Blinded by the Light


    Image via ACE/INFphoto.com/Splash News

    The Duchess of Cambridge makes the same squinty face we make when it's bright out and we've forgotten our sunglasses. 

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  • Sister, Sister


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    A royal title hasn't changed the fact that Kate is BFFs with her sister Pippa. They looked like two peas in a brunette pod at the 2012 Wimbledon men's finals. 

  • Rain or Shine


    Image via R Chiang/Splash News

    Kate's so down-to-earth that she won't let a little bit of rain stop her from chatting with some regular Brits. She even holds her own umbrella, like a commoner.

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