Amy Duggar Criticized for Wearing This 'Scandalous' Bikini (VIDEO

We always knew she was the rebel of the family. Amy Duggar's new husband posted a video of her in a bikini to Instagram, and it couldn't be further from her conservative cousins' swimwear. Is she trying to distance herself even further from Josh Duggar?


Regardless of why she posed for the video while on her honeymoon in Mexico, girlfriend looks amazing.

Amy wed Dillon King on September 6 in a strapless dress that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars' daughters likely wouldn't be caught dead in. The female family members famously don't show their shoulders, cleavage, stomach, or thighs. They even wear specially designed modest bathing suits, and avoid the beach in the summertime so the brothers won't be tempted to view all the lady flesh on display.

It worked so well for Josh, who's reportedly in a long-term recovery center for sex addiction. Just saying.

Anyway, of course there was backlash for the vid, with some commenters saying she might as well be wearing underwear. One person wrote, "I would like to say congrats to u too [sic]!!!! However, Amy I wish you had a little more modesty ... You are a beautiful woman with sooo many little girls watching you. I'm not saying you have to walk around with a trash bag on or wear skirts all the time (because I don't). A lot of young girls would benefit from you being a little more modest in the things you wear and post on IG. No matter how you look at it ... a 2 piece bathing suit is a fancy bra/panty set."

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Thankfully, most of the reaction to the vid was positive. Someone responded to the "bra and panty" comment with, "Are you serious? She is wearing a bikini on her honeymoon. Women need to stop body-shaming other women! 'Modesty,' as you describe it, is nothing more than a tool for men to control women."

And obviously, this girl isn't going to let any man tell her what to do. It doesn't seem like that's what Dillon was looking for anyway.


Image via kingdillpickle/Instagram

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