Kate Middleton Will Only Have Female Bodyguards If Prince Charles Has Anything to Say About It

It isn't shocking to hear that the Duchess of Cambridge is protected everywhere she roams. But you may be surprised to learn this interesting tidbit: Kate Middleton only has female security guards — and Prince Charles reportedly ordered it to be that way for a very bizarre reason.


Prince William's dad apparently decided from the get-go that Kate should only have women as guards so that she isn't "compromised." Perhaps you think that means he wants women watching her for her own protection and that it's sweet of her father-in-law to consider her safety. But, um, no. His justification is a lot stranger than that.

Charles reportedly doesn't want Kate to find herself in the same position his late ex-wife Princess Diana did when she apparently had an affair with one of her guards, Barry Mannakee. In other words: The less temptation she has to cheat, the better. Diana reportedly fell for her guard, who died in a motorcycle accident eight months after Prince Charles reportedly had him removed from his job. This is all speculation, but it is said that Diana feared her former lover's death was no accident and that he had been murdered for having an affair with her.

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I believe women can provide the same kind of security as men — that is not my issue with this story. I just find it a little icky to think of Prince Charles exerting this type of control over Kate and Will and presuming that, just because she employs a man to protect her, the duchess is going to automatically fall in love with him or won't be able to keep herself from sleeping with him. It's silly.

If true, Charles comes across as extremely paranoid. I get that he probably only has Will and Kate's best interests at heart, but I wonder how Kate feels about it?


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