Kate Middleton Broke the 'Rule' of New Motherhood & Did This to Her Hair (PHOTO)

kate middleton prince williamOne of the so-called rules we have when pregnant and in those first few months of having a baby is not to cut your hair. Why? You may most likely regret it. I'm not sure why this happens, but as someone who has a traumatic experience every time I cut my hair, I subscribe to this rule. Kate Middleton, however, has broken that rule. The princess went and cut her hair and it's quite a change.


Debuting some serious fringe, Kate was out with Prince William heading to church in Scotland. Yes, Kate has bangs!

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kate middleton

While it is quite a change, it's not the dramatic Bettie Page style of bangs. That would be too severe for the princess. It's more of a Victoria's Secret model style fringe. And it looks lovely on the mom of two. It still has that soft feeling, and her hair still looks as luxurious as ever.

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Still, I need to fully see the style to appreciate it more. Here it's in that half-up, half-down style Kate tends to favor, but her fringe is certainly long enough to swoop to the right or the left, or even part in the center. She can even pin it up for a tiny bouffant. When you're wearing your hair up a lot -- like Kate does -- I think long bangs like this are a perfect way to compliment your face.

I still maintain that this is a great risk new moms take when they allow scissors anywhere nears their locks. At least it seems Kate stayed true to herself, her personal style, and didn't do anything too drastic.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News; Jesal/Tanna/Splash News

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