Bobby Brown Says His Daughter Bobbi Kristina Was 'Called' by Her Mom Whitney Houston

bobby brownAfter months of relative silence, 46-year-old singer Bobby Brown is finally opening up about the tragic loss of his 22-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, this July -- and it sounds like he's beginning to make peace with both Bobbi's death and that of her mother, Brown's ex-wife Whitney Houston. 


In an emotionally raw appearance on The Real, Brown spoke about why he thinks it was time for his child to leave this world, and the part he believes Houston played in her passing:

“I’m pretty sure her mother was … had a part with like, ‘Come on, let’s get her up here,’ in the best way possible,” said Brown. “She was not comfortable by herself, I guess, and she just called my daughter with her.”

“We prayed and hoped for six months for something better to happen,” he added. “But when God calls you, he calls you.”

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Hey, who knows? The extremely similar circumstances surrounding Bobbi and Whitney's deaths are pretty strange: Whitney died in a bathtub, Bobbi Kristina spent six months in a coma after being found "unresponsive" in a bathtub. And while we don't know what Whitney's experience on the other side has been, of course, it's safe to say that Bobbi never really got over her mother's passing. So of course for Bobby, it's most comforting to believe that his ex and his child are together somewhere -- in a much better place. 

Here's hoping he's right about Bobbi and Whitney living happily together in the next world, and that Bobby and his family can find healing and peace in this world soon.


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