Pippa Middleton Wears a Dress So Sexy It May Make the Royals Blush (PHOTO)

pippa middletonThe adorable Pippa Middleton, owner of that now-famous derriere, sister of Princess Kate, likes to leave us speechless. Her resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge allows us a peek into what Kate would be like if she wasn't held back by stuffy royal business. (Though I do think she's doing a splendid job of holding her own.) Pippa's lastest dazzling moment comes in the form of this sexy blue dress -- it's a look that would no doubt be nixed by the Queen.


Here she is ... the princess's sister heading to the Boodles Boxing Ball in London wearing a stunning blue Jenny Packham gown.

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pippa middleton

It's bedazzled! It's fitted and flowing. It has that sexy cutout! The Queen would blush!

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What a knockout! Pippa has been very sporty lately, which we can see -- her body is so toned and fit. Just a couple of days ago, she competed in a 47-mile running and swimming competition. Yes, you read that correctly -- 47 miles! Hats off to Pip. I love this blue -- it's so bold, yet serene, with a hint of mermaid. While I can see Kate wearing something like this, I don't think that would ever happen. That cutout part of the top might be what makes it considered too risqué for a princess. Though I don't agree at all. I also think Kate is doing a fine job of not always wearing typical royal clothes -- stodgy and stuffy. Though sometimes her outfits are a little too Grandma. (No offense to the very fashionable grandmas I know.) Hey, I said sometimes! Most of the time Kate is on-point.

Maybe, just maybe, Pippa will inspire Kate to dare to branch out a little more in her fashion choices. While the royal power is strong, sister power is even stronger.


Image via RV/Splash News; James Whatling/Splash News

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