20 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Proud Scientologists (PHOTOS)

20 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Proud Scientologists (PHOTOS)

Some came seeking help for their fear of auditions; others married into the religion. Whatever the reason, celebrities love Scientology and many of Hollywood's biggest stars have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, in their quest to "go clear" (aka reaching a state of well-being and mental freedom).

Here are 20 celebrity followers of the controversial religion/self-help philosophy started by L. Ron Hubbard, a former science fiction writer, in 1950.


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  • Beck


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    Betcha didn't know the low-profile indie music hero adheres to L. Ron Hubbard's religion. Beck and his wife are both second-generation Scientologists. When the musician beat Beyonce for an Album of the Year  Grammy, Twitter went nuts with the Scientology jokes.

  • Jason Lee


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    The My Name is Earl star is devoted to Scientology, and that was the cause of his first divorce — at least according to his ex-wife, Carmen Llywellyn, who left the church. Whether or not that's true, he's at least pretty touchy about its critics, calling one fan an "idiot" on Twitter for expressing this disappointment at Lee's religion.

  • Elisabeth Moss


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    The Golden Globe-winning Mad Men actress is a devout Scientologist but declines to talk about it publicly, except to say that it is grossly misunderstood by the media.

  • Nancy Cartwright


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    The woman who voices Bart Simpson is part of the Church. She also has $10 million to spare, money that she donated to the Church in 2007, thus earning its Patron Laureate award. She joined after attending a barbecue where she noticed that everyone with a thriving career was a Scientologist, and all were in relationships.  

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  • Greta van Susteren


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    The Fox News host and her husband belong to the Church, have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to it, and even own a home in Clearwater, Florida, home of the Church's headquarters. An irony: Greta van Susteren's sister, Lise, is a psychiatrist. Church leader David Miscaviage once called psychiatrists the "stepchidren of Hitler and the Nazis."

  • Tom Cruise


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    Introduced to Scientology by his first wife, Mimi Rogers, in the 1980s, Cruise has become the church's most high-profile ambassador, even filming an infamous indoctrination video and receiving the Freedom Medal of Valor. He's close to leader David Miscaviage despite reports that the church has had a hand in the demise of his marriages.

  • Erika Christensen


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    As the child of Scientologists, the Parenthood star is a lifelong adherent. She credits the religion with keeping her grounded and even appeared in a video meant for fellow members, in which she gushes about how a seet of old lectures of L. Ron Hubbard have impacted her life.  

  • John Travolta

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    He became sold on Scientology after reading Dianetics, the bestselling introductory tome, while on a movie set. Now he and Tom Cruise are the church's most famous members and ardent defenders. "It's not understood," he has said, adding, "when something works well it becomes a target."

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  • Kelly Preston


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    As the wife of a high-profile member (John Travolta, of course), Kelly Preston has been outspoken about how the religion and its practice of auditing (the process by which members work out personal obstacles holding them back) have helped her get through tough times, including the death of the couple's son, Jett.

  • Juliette Lewis


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    The Natural Born Killers actress is a Clear. According to the Church, that's a person who has rid herself of all unwanted emotions and past trauma. "Having achieved the state of Clear is the single most important thing that I've done for myself," she recently said. It's allowed me to live life in a way that I only imagined."

  • Jenna Elfman


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    Raised in a Roman Catholic home, the Dharma & Greg star became active in Scientology, following the example of her husband and his family, who have long been members. She's since participated in church-affiliated efforts, including events condemning psychiatry as a human rights violation with a "culture of death."

  • Giovanni Ribisi


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    He's a lifelong Scientologist, and his family is deep into the church. His mom is even an agent with several church members for clients. Recently rumors swirled about whether the actor was quitting the Church after an interview surfaced in which Ribisi said he's not active enough in Scientologist to quit. 

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  • Kirstie Alley


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    The star of Fat Actress is now an OT-7, y'all. Allow Kirstie Alley to explain what it means to achieve the advanced Scientology awareness level. "It means you have gotten rid of all the things that would create aberrated behavior in you that you did not want," she said. Her hope now is to become more aware and "less insane."

  • Doug E Fresh


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    The rapper is one of the few high-profile Black Scientologists. Asked about his beliefs in an Essence interview, he said: "It is not a white religion. It is not just for white people...The black community has to check it out and see what's there. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but you may be amazed at what you get."

  • Laura Prepon


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    That serene look on Laura Prepon's face in every picture of her? That's thanks to Scientology, apparently. Confronting her fears and consequences of past decisions in auditing sessions helped her shake them off and overcome obstacles in an even-keeled manner. Or so she says in an interivew with the Church's Celebrity magazine.

  • Danny Masterson


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    The That 70s Show star is another second-generation Scientologist and one of the few who has given mainstream media an interview about his religion. One topic he has not talked about: How his stepdad was labeled a 'supressive person' by the Church and kicked out.   

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  • Michael Peña


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    One of the few Latino celebs known to be Scientologists, Michael Peña heard about the Church from another celebrity: Jenna Elfman. As a young actor starting out, he was flipping through TV channels and stopped when he saw her being interviewed about how Scientology had helped her. He reportedly drove to a local church, walked in and asked, "How do I become a Scientologist?"

  • Jason Dohring


     Image © Faye Sadou/UPA/Retna Ltd/Corbis

    Image © Faye Sadou/UPA/Retna Ltd/Corbis

    The Veronica Mars actor says Scientology saved his acting career. "I became a professional through Scientology. I understand acting better because Scientology is the study of life."

  • Catherine Bell


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    The Army Wives and JAG actress came to Scientology for help conquering her fears of auditioning and stayed for general enlightenment. In an interview with the Church's internal magazine, Source, she describes the complex path to getting there. Seems intense — and expensive: $400,000 by one estimate.

  • Marisol Nichols


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    A few years ago, Marison Nichols (24) reportedly reached Operating Thetan 8, the highest level of "auditing" or the process by which members confront and overcome their traumas. That means she should be able to leave her body at will, have total recall, and control others with her mind. Will we see a leading role in an Oscar film soon?

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