Kim Kardashian & Courtney Love Take a Selfie and It's Stranger Than You'd Expect (PHOTO)

kim kardashian When you go to anything Fashion Week related, chances are you will run into tons of celebrities. The bigger the fashion house, the bigger the stars attending, and such was the case of the Givenchy show where Kendall Jenner was one of the models. So of course Kim Kardashian was there. But also in attendance was Courtney Love, who took a selfie with Kim. Yes. That happened! The photo might be one the most bizarre selfies I've ever seen of Mrs. Kardashian West.


Let's dive in to why it's so weird.

For one, it's blurry. Kim doesn't take blurry photos. If she does, she doesn't share them with the world.

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â�¤ï¸ï¿½ @courtneylove

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Sure, sometimes Kim's Instagrams are grainy or dark or moody. But this one? Straight up blurry. It leaves me wondering just how many pics did these two take before deciding that this one is the best one. Or was this the only one? I can't see two headstrong women nixing a bunch of photos before deciding on the perfect one.

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Scratch that. I can't see Courtney Love doing such a thing. One and done would be my guess on how Love handled that selfie. And so, blurry it is! Kim posted it with a heart. Courtney reposted with two hearts. And so, now it's official -- at least on Instagram -- these two are besties.

I want to know everything. Did these two talk, like really talk, or was it silly chitchat? Maybe they discussed Kendall being in the show. Or how they were both muses of Givenchy's designer for a while. Or was it just a Hey, I know you somehow and let's take a pic together kind of thing? Maybe Courtney was talking to Kanye about music or something. Maybe the two stared at each other from across the room for far too long and then one came over to talk and here is the blurry result. Did they address the issue Courtney had with Rob Kardashian all those years ago? Rob got into a fight with one of Love's employees and reportedly used some homophobic slurs. Courtney unleashed her fury on Rob via MySpace ... because it was that long ago. Yeah, I don't think anyone brought that up.

So many questions and at the same time this blurry photo of Kim and Courtney Love is just so oddly fulfilling. Blurry, weird, and beautiful.


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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