Britney Spears Steps Out With Lindsay Lohan's Ex -- Is That a Good Thing?

britney spearsBritney Spears is notoriously unlucky in love, so we're always a little nervous when we hear about a new potential boyfriend for the pop singer. But Britney's latest rendezvous, with restaurant tycoon Harry Morton, has us slightly more hopeful than usual for one reason (and slightly less for another)! 


Britney was spotted with Harry (the grandson of Morton Steakhouse founder Arnie Morton) at Iroha Sushi in Studio City, California, where the pop icon wore a sexy, very date-night appropriate white blouse. And while we don't know much more about the date than that, we do know a couple of things about Brit's new (maybe) man.

The good news? Since Morton is the heir to a steak fortune, he's certainly not after Britney for her money. He's also the CEO of the Pink Taco franchise, which just happens to have a Vegas location -- yup, Vegas, where Britney just signed a $35 million contract to continue her Planet Hollywood show. Hmmm, convenient. Sounds like these two could totally be THE new Sin City power couple.

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Except ... the bad news. Now, we're not ones to judge people based on their past romantic exploits, but it's worth noting that Morton did date Lindsay Lohan for a time; in fact, he even accused LiLo of flooding his West Hollywood condo out of revenge. Yikes, is it really a good idea to take up with one of Lindsay Lohan's exes? Then again, this guy clearly has some experience with, um, high-drama divas. So that could be a good thing.

Just take things slowly, Brit! Who knows, maybe this guy is THE ONE. Or maybe you'll just get a lifetime supply of free steaks. Either way, a win-win!


Image via britneyspears/Instagram

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