Kim Kardashian Goes Goth in Sheer Lace Maternity Gown (PHOTOS)

kanye kim kardashianWe always knew Kim Kardashian was a goth at heart! Okay, actually, we didn't know that. But she does look good in black -- and Kim's latest maternity look is definitely a pretty significant step toward the dark side, in more ways than one!


Kim and Kanye West were reportedly the last to arrive at New York Fashion Week's Givenchy show on Friday, September 11, but the two were "smiling big" -- and why not? Little sister Kendall apparently killed it on the runway, and the couple were a fashion match made in ... well, they're a little too hard rock–looking to say Heaven, but Hell seems a bit extreme. Let's just say their styles complemented each other perfectly. Check it out:

kim kardshian, kanye west

Now that's what we call American Gothic: Black lace. Plunging neckline. Rosary beads. Leather pants. Silver chains. High fashion, high drama, and a surprisingly flattering pregnancy silhouette. These two know how to do the fashion show thing, that's for sure. 

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And between this look and what Kim wore to walk around Soho the other day, we really have to wonder if the reality star is making a serious effort to have a very heavy-metal pregnancy this time around:

kim kardashian

Yeah, girl! The way I see it, pregnancy is all about oversized Metallica T-shirts and thigh high boots. (No, seriously.) This whole thing has me wondering, though, if maybe we should be expecting more of a rockin' moniker for baby #2. Axl? Jagger? I know, I know: Zeppelin West. 

Hey, it could happen!


Image via All Access Photo Group/Splash

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