Two People Killed in Tragic Accident on Set of Tom Cruise's New Movie

tom cruiseA tragic accident on the set of Tom Cruise's new film Mena killed two people and seriously injured another when a plane being used by the crew crashed into the Colombian Andes. Cruise -- who happens to be a trained pilot -- was fortunately not on the aircraft at the time.


According to Variety, American Alan David Purwin, a Hollywood pilot, and Colombian Carlos Brel were killed. (You might have spotted Purwin making cameos as a pilot in such films as Jurassic World, Zero Dark Thirty, and Indecent Proposal.) 

Another pilot, American Jimmy Lee Garland, has been rushed to a hospital in Medellin with serious injuries. And while not many details have been released as of yet, apparently the  twin-engine Aerostar was en route to Medellin from Santa Fe de Antioquia late Friday afternoon when the weather turned bad. 

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It's a horrible tragedy, and one I'm sure Cruise feels just as horrible about. The 53-year-old actor arrived in Colombia last month to work on the movie, in which he plays a pilot who worked for the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. 

And while Cruise has yet to speak out about the accident, in a statement, Universal extended their condolences, saying:

"On behalf of the production, our hearts and prayers go out to the crew members and their families at this difficult time."

Indeed. There's something particularly shocking about on-set tragedies like this one, and the loss of these pilots will surely be felt by many.

Image via Renato Marzini / Splash News

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