'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Says Brooks Ayers's Cancer Is Just an Infection

You have to be kidding me. Meghan King Edmonds really doesn't think that Brooks Ayers has cancer -- and she won't shut up about it. The Real Housewives of Orange County star also says that she's not the only one doubting it.


There was that psychic that doubted him too, so you know. Anyway, King Edmonds told People magazine about Ayers's Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, "Every single person thinks what I am verbalizing."

She explained her reasoning, "The general hypothesis is that, for example in last week's episode, I go to the doctor because I have a lump and I need to get it checked out."

"You see that in the episode, but there's really no follow-up because it was an infection. Well, what if I said, 'It's not an infection but cancer.' No one can disprove that, and there is actual evidence of it starting somewhere because I did go to the doctor. It's a real thing, but if I wanted to let that story grow legs I could because no one can prove it. I think that's what might have happened with Brooks."

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Umm ... she thinks Brooks has an infection? Look, he hasn't been the classiest guy in the past, but faking cancer is a pretty shady thing to do. Shouldn't we give him the benefit of the doubt here?

Not in Meghan's world.

"[As for] the answer to the question 'Does Brooks have cancer?'" she said, "I don't think so, but I can't disprove that. The only thing that can actually prove or disprove it is medical records, and the only person who has access to those is the individual."

What does she want, an affidavit signed by his doctor? If for whatever reason Brooks is lying about it, it will come out eventually. Maybe she should wait until then to start pointing fingers.


Image via meghankedmonds/Instagram

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