Khloe Kardashian Wants to Set Kourtney Kardashian Up With Sexy A-List Actor

She's been single for a few weeks, and now apparently she's ready to mingle as well. In fact, supposedly Khloe Kardashian wants to set Kourtney Kardashian up with one A-list actor in particular -- and we most definitely wouldn't object if we were Kourt.


According to OK!, Khloe has been enlisted as Kourt's official matchmaker, and the youngest Kardashian sibling has her sights set on Orlando Bloom for the mom of three.

This feels like a pretty unlikely match, although Kourtney and Orlando do have one thing in common -- they're both parents. It just seems like an odd combination. (Although we can't think of any better revenge on Scott Disick than dating a smokin' hot actor.)

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Realistically, though, we think Kourtney should sidle up to someone a little more low-profile and grounded, and someone who is permanently based in Los Angeles. After her tumultuous relationship with Scott, she needs someone stable who can be her equal, and not end up feeling like another kid she has to care for.

It's also pretty interesting that Khloe would want to set Kourt up with an actor, since she so frequently dates athletes herself. We're a little surprised she isn't scanning the Houston Rockets roster to find a teammate of James Harden's who would be perfect for her sister. Just think of how much fun they could have sitting on the sidelines at games!

Either way, we hope Kourtney is able to move on soon and find the happiness she deserves.


Image via Splash News

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