Kendall Jenner & Lewis Hamilton Spark Romance Rumors After Strolling Through NYC Together (PHOTO)

It's pretty much fact that if you're a celebrity you can't be seen with a member of the opposite sex without it turning into a romance rumor, as best exemplified by Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton, who stepped out in New York City together this week.


While Kendall has mostly been third-wheeling it with her bestie Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas as of late, the model was spotted hanging out with the Formula One driver in the Big Apple and now everyone is anticipating they're the next couple to watch.

Lewis was previously engaged to singer Nicole Sherzinger, with whom he was involved in a seven-year relationship, so hanging out with Kendall could be a big dea l... or mean nothing at all.

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One thing is for sure -- these two dress, even when it's just for a completely casual hangout sesh. Between Kendall's high-waisted jeans and Lewis's jaunty hat, they seem like a perfect match fashion-wise.

I'm super curious to see if this actually turns into anything serious. We haven't really known Kendall to have much in the way of a steady relationship. Whomever she does end up with is going to have to be ready to deal with all of the paparazzi that follow her ... and her, shall we say, boisterous family. I was really hoping the attempted setup with Nick Jonas would work out, but considering how busy they both are, I'm not necessarily surprised it didn't.

Images via Blayzen Photos/Splash News and TK/Splash News

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