Kate Middleton Already Has Plans for Royal Baby #3 and #4

kate middletonWhen you are a procreator, you kind of know how many kids you want to have. Everyone has that magic number, even the Duchess of Cambridge. She's rumored to have put a deadline on her babymaking and revealed that Kate Middleton wants a certain amount of kids before she's 40. Get busy, William!


If the rumors are true, Kate wants to have two more kids -- four kids in all by the time 40 rolls around. Sorry, no Kate plus eight here, though we would love more and more royal tykes running around.

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Kate is now 33 years old, so she's right on track to make two more babies by the time she's the big 4-0. The source at Hollywoodlife.com said that Kate wants to have baby number three by the time she's 35, which means we're looking at a possible pregnancy sometime late next year. Kate! That would be three babies under 5 and then another soon after that -- I'd say to slow it down a bit. But I'm just some commoner. Maybe she'll have twins and get two done in one pregnancy. How cool would that be? Royal twins?! Yes, please!

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More babies would keep Britain's economy booming since we know these kids are big moneymakers. Each kid can try to usurp the other; each one will dream about the throne being his or her own. We need a Shakespearean play, stat! A happy-ending one, of course.

I do love that Kate loves being a mom. It's so reminiscent of Princess Diana, there is so much joy in motherhood and she has so much love for her kids. I love this for Prince William and even for Prince Harry since he gets to be the cool uncle while dating a bevy of beauties. Oh royals!


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