Kim Kardashian Is Already Making Plans to Cash in on Baby #2

kim kardashianThe idea of Kim Kardashian being money hungry isn't a new concept. Kim and her family are often the butt of jokes about "whoring themselves out" for a buck. However, this new report about Kim wanting crazy money for photos of her new baby is a little hard to believe. 


According to Radar Online, Kim is currently shopping around first photos of her son and wants an absurd amount of money for the pics. An insider said that Kim "hopes to bring in a huge paycheck for the first pictures of her son. She is already putting feelers out to which publications are going to pay the most."

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The source went on to say that despite the fact that Kanye isn't a fan of exploiting his daughter North at all, he's a "business man" and is on board with Kim's plan. "Kanye knows that they could have a big impact with their son and get whatever message they want out at the same time, so they're going to do it in the most lucrative way possible," an insider claimed. 

While I certainly don't think Kim is against stooping a little low for a big paycheck, it would be somewhat of a surprise if she sold first photos of her son to a big-name publication. After all, she didn't do that with North, and really the only photos we ever see of her daughter are ones she herself posts to social media. 

It's only a matter of time until we find out what Kim and Kanye are going to do, but for now, I'm of the belief that they'll release the first photos themselves. 

Of course, if they decide to go another route, it wouldn't exactly be earth-shattering. 


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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