Kate Middleton Supposedly Wants Prince Harry With His Ex to Save Her Own Marriage

Even princesses get jealous sometimes. Kate Middleton is reportedly supporting Prince Harry and ex Chelsy Davy's new rekindled romance, but her motives may not be pure.


To truly understand why Kate may want Harry and Chelsy back together, we must take a ride in the wayback machine. Long before Prince George and Princess Charlotte were even a twinkle in their parents' eyes, Prince William reportedly hooked up with a blond actress and model named Isabella Calthorpe. Isabella is the half-sister of model/actress Cressida Bonas -- otherwise known as the girl who stole Harry's heart after he split with socialite Chelsy.

Rumor has it Will was smitten with Isabella and even broke things off with Kate at one point so he could be with her. Isabella also really liked Will -- but not enough to agree to live his royal lifestyle. When he realized Isabella wasn't in it for the long haul, Will reportedly came to his senses and "settled" with Kate.

If true, it's totally harsh, isn't it? Well, Kate is apparently not over this yet and wants to keep Harry as far away from Cressida as possible. In fact, back before they broke up, the young prince reportedly expressed an interest in proposing marriage to Cressida, but Kate allegedly had a little talk with her about the difficulties of being a royal. Her warning was all that was needed to send Cressida running. I mean, assuming the far-fetched rumor is true, of course.

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Harry and Chelsy met up in Africa while the prince was performing charity work and are reportedly discussing giving their relationship another shot. Kate, who is rumored to be having marital issues with Will, is so dead set on keeping Isabella and Cressida as far away from them as possible that she's pushing Harry to work things out with Chelsy.

With all due respect to both ladies: Are Chelsy and Cressida the only two women on earth that Harry can date and marry? There is absolutely zero proof that Harry and Cressida are anything more than friends (if that) at this point, so I'm not sure why we're expected to believe Kate may be supporting her brother-in-law's relationship with Chelsy for any reason other than that maybe she feels the former solicitor is a good match for him.

All of the bad press poor Kate is getting lately is one solid reason why any woman who hooks up with Harry needs to be afraid -- I highly doubt Kate is the enemy or that she believes her marriage will crumble because of one of Will's ex-girlfriends.


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