Princess Charlotte Is Already Worth More Than Big Brother Prince George

kate middleton princess charlotteEverybody loves Princess Charlotte. And it seems (in some ways) the love is stronger than the affections for Prince George. Poor guy, he only had two years in the spotlight until his sister came along and stole it all. This is all thanks to the "Kate Middleton effect" (aka money) and the procreation of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. When it comes to profits, Princess Charlotte will be making more than Prince George. A lot more. Girls rule, boys drool?


When we first met Kate, thanks to Will, we wanted to know everything. What does she put in her hair to make it shiny? Where did she get those shoes? That dress! I need to know where she bought it. People wanted to look like Kate, and that desire hasn't gone away. Stuff Kate wears sells. Everybody wants Kate to wear their stuff.

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Then Prince George came along and his toys, knickers, and baby shoes became the "it" items for anyone with a kid. When he wore a pair of baby Crocs, sales of them skyrocketed. This kid has power. But that power felt a bit of a decline once Princess Charlotte was born, wooing the world with her cuteness and knitted shawl. When she was spotted in the G.H.Hurt & Son shawl, sales of the item soared. The company had so many orders that they are still working on filling them.

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Money! So far, it is predicted that sweet Princess Charlotte will bring in $5 billion to the British economy, while adorable George is only looking at $3.6 billion. We must remember that Charlotte has only been outside in the public twice -- she's only 4 months old. Anything Kate and Will put on those kids when they are seen in public is expected to become a highly coveted item. The pressure!

Which gives me an idea. Kate should take advantage of this. She's incredible with charities involving kids. If she lets her kids wear an item, sales of that item will inevitably go up. She should work with those companies to donate a portion of those proceeds to worthy children's charities. Good idea, don't you think?


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