Scott Disick's Rumored Hookup With Kourtney Kardashian's Friend Is as Low as It Gets

scott disickWell, this just about looks like the last thing Scott Disick needs. According to a new report, Disick may have hooked up with Kimberly Stewart -- Rod Stewart's daughter, who also happens to be a Kardashian friend. Oh, Scott! Say it ain't so!


Insiders supposedly told Us Weekly that since his breakup with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott has had several flings with Stewart. A source said that, despite knowing it was wrong, "Kimberly couldn't help herself." However, when Stewart's rep was asked about the supposed tryst, they said that it's "absolutely untrue."

But is it ... ?

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This supposed source went on to say that, currently, Scott "feels like an a**hole." Evidently, the father of three was "trying to get Kourtney back and was hoping she didn't find out." 

Though I really don't want to believe this is true -- because, wow, dick move! -- the fact that Us Weekly is reporting it makes me wonder, since they do tend to report the truth. Perhaps Stewart and Disick didn't get as hot and heavy as they made it seem, but I think I'm going to subscribe to the "where there's smoke, there's fire" theory here. Also, Disick and Stewart have a history together.

If Scott had any hopes of getting Kourtney back, surely they will be dashed now. Even if the hookup was just a silly, one-time thing, it's definitely not going to sit well with Kourtney. In fact, if anything is going to get her to move on, it's this. 

Aye aye aye, Scott. For the love of God, just sit home and watch movies. Any time you do anything else, you seem to get in trouble! 


Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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