Queen Elizabeth's Special Gift for Kate Middleton Marks a Turning Point in Their Relationship

queen elizabeth kate middleton

Queen Elizabeth is planning on giving Kate Middleton something, and for once, it won't be a stern talking-to or harsh criticism. As part of her celebration as the longest-reigning monarch in Great Britain, the Queen will bestow Kate with the Royal Family Order -- a symbolic gift that reinforces her important position in the royal family.


Kate, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte are expected to travel to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the royal family will celebrate the Queen's major milestone. As part of the ceremony, Queen Elizabeth will reportedly give Kate a Royal Family Order, which is an ivory and diamond-encrusted brooch that features a photo of the Queen as a younger woman sewn onto a yellow bow. The brooch is traditionally pinned on the left shoulder of the recipient's gown.

In the past, recipients of the order included Will and Harry's late mom Princess Diana; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; and Prince Edward's wife Sophie Wessex. So, basically, the message here is that Kate is official -- even though I'd say marrying Will and giving birth to their two children is as official as you can get.

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The Queen isn't throwing a huge bash to commemorate her milestone -- the event will be a lot more like a low-key dinner, according to insiders. As a result, it's unlikely you'll come across photos of Kate receiving the order.

She and Will are expected to attend next month's state dinner for China's president Xi Jinping -- and it's totally possible she'll wear the order over her gown. For now, let's marvel at the fact that the Queen is taking time out from her busy schedule of bashing Kate to do something kind for her.

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