Rumors Swirl That Prince William & Kate Middleton Will Be Next King & Queen

prince will and kate middletonIf the rumors are true, Queen Elizabeth wants Prince William and Kate Middleton to be the next King and Queen. Sorry, Charlie. I mean Charles. (Don't want to make him more angry.) I'd hate to be at their next family dinner, because Queen E is reportedly making it clear she wants to pass up her son in favor of her grandson. While it isn't exactly in her power to do so, she is trying to convince Prince Charles to say no thanks to King and just let his son take the reign.


Awww. The Queen must really love her grandson and the Duchess of Cambridge. And if you ask me -- and nothing against Charles and Camilla -- having a young King and Queen could do wonders for England. The Queen's a smart lady. She's 89 years old and has been Queen for 63 years. She wants a King William, not a King Charles.

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Prince Charles is reportedly furious.

Apparently Queen E is ready to step down. It's time. The only thing cooler than being Queen is being a retired Queen. Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, but Queen E is trying to get Charles to just pass the crown to Will, which he doesn't exactly want to do. And many people think that Camilla is especially perturbed because ... well, wouldn't you want to be Queen, too, if you had a chance?

Someone who claims they have the scoop told OK! magazine:

It has been a tough pill to swallow for Charles. He has spent his whole life waiting to succeed his mother. He initially flew into a rage, ranting that the throne is his. But, then he began to see her way of thinking.

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What could this mean? We have to wait and see. I just can't see someone -- especially Charles -- passing up the crown. Not with Camilla barking in his ear. And I would guess that Prince William is staying out of it. He's too smart, too coy to get involved in petty nonsense. Granted, it's not petty, but it's not his battle to fight. Let Dad and Grandma duke it out. The big reveal is supposed to happen in April of next year when Queen Elizabeth turns 90 and the big coronation will happen. So until then, we can only read into every little thing and make our own guesses.

One thing is certain -- we'll never be royals.


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