Katy Perry's Handprint Ceremony Was Very Glam ... Until She Almost Busted Out of Her Dress (PHOTOS)

Well hello there, Katy Perry's cleavage! The pop star's assets were on full display as she sunk her hands into wet cement for a well-earned square on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. She joined good friend Jeremy Scott for the ceremony outside the TCL Chinese Theatre, and looked more than va-va-voom for the event.


The pop star and the designer were also on Hollywood Boulevard for the premiere of their new film, The Vladar Company's Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer. The movie features Perry as one of Scott's "main muses."

The pair was almost upstaged by the "Teenage Dream" singer's décolletage, but not quite.

No doubt that there was a generous amount of double-sided tape for this look!

Anyway, this ceremony was unusual in itself, as it was the first to honor pop culture icons rather than just filmmakers. A spokesperson for the theater said, "Paying homage to not only filmmakers, but to those whose contributions to all forms of pop culture make their achievements worth noting."

Acknowledging the shift for the Walk of Fame, Scott Instagrammed a picture of the two of them leaving their handprints, and added the caption, "STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED TONIGHT !!! TO BE THE ONLY DESIGNER IN HISTORY TO LEAVE THEIR HAND PRINTS IN THE ICONIC COLLECTION OF STARS."

When chatting about the film to Us Weekly, Scott said, "Katy is the arc of the film ... When you see it, you'll understand. There's these iconic moments that everyone knows -- like her on the field for the Super Bowl and us at the Met Gala on the stairs. And me kissing her hand. But then you have us in the car and me nervous, and her making me laugh and putting me at ease."

Katy's obviously an awesome friend in addition to being a stellar singer and performer.


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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