Selena Gomez Bares It All for New 'Revival' Album Cover -- Literally (PHOTO)

Wowza, Selena Gomez is topless on her upcoming album, Revival. She's all grown up now and she wants you to notice. Okay, Ms. Gomez, you've got our attention -- what's the real meaning of this, though?


The singer posted the revealing portrait via Instagram yesterday. Don't worry, it's about as discreet as a nude photo can get. Her arms and legs are strategically placed so as to pass Instagram standards.

This isn't the first seductive, risqué pose for Gomez -- we've been seeing a lot cleavage and come-hither selfies, so it's no surprise. But this is probably the most barefaced (haha) appeal for us to take her seriously as a grown-up woman. "I'm 22!" she seems to say. "And Disney ain't my daddy no more!"

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Gomez has been talking about owning her sensuality. But she's also been talking about growing into a more mature artist. In June she told Ryan Seacrest she's "really excited about the title of the album and the rebirth of Selena. It's just beautiful. It's my chance to just feel like an independent artist and I worked really hard on it ... It's all about my journey."

So maybe the stripped-down cover is about how we're hearing the "real" Selena Gomez, not someone else's creation, not a record company's idea of who she should be. Will fans love her just as she is? I think they already have.


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