Queen Elizabeth Has Had It 'Up to Here' With Kate Middleton's Frivolous Spending Habits

Another day, another opportunity to criticize Kate Middleton and Prince William — if you're Queen Elizabeth. The Queen reportedly thinks Kate and Will spend too much money on absurd things and is slamming them for their "vulgar" and "frivolous" spending habits.


So, the nice thing about this rumor is that, if true, the Queen is finally pointing fingers at both Kate and Will. Unlike, say, that time when she reportedly called the Duchess of Cambridge lazy for choosing a stay-at-home-mom lifestyle over her royal duties, her latest reported critique of the couple is kind of cute and sounds like one you may have heard your own grandmother say a bunch of times.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly thinks Kate wastes money on nonsense and that Will shouldn't spend taxpayers' money flying his family around on a private jet. She may have also found fault with the couple's decision to use public money to install two kitchens in their apartment, as well as throwing down $2.5 million to renovate their country house, and another $1 million to furnish it.

In addition, the couple apparently spent $4.6 million last year to pay their nannies, staff, and cover travel expenses. Even though Will has a job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, his $62,000 annual salary is donated to charity. So, yes, the money they use to redecorate or care for their children comes from taxpayers.

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I don't know much about what it takes to make it as royals, but I can't help but feel the Queen has a solid point here. Kate and Will have to at least make it seem like they are being thrifty with tax funds. Kate has done a good job by showing up at events at times dressed in affordable threads and re-wearing the same outfits on occasion, but if the Queen is justified in her assessment that they are wasting money on their home and on frivolous flights, the young couple should listen and learn from the monarch. 

It isn't often I'll defend the Queen — but, in this case, I believe she is offering her grandson and his wife good advice.


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