Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock Pair Up for Coolest Double Date of All Time

jennifer aniston justin therouxPrepare to be jealous, because if there ever was an oozing-with-cool double date that you would want to go on, it's this one. Newlyweds Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went out to dinner with Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall -- the IT couple of the moment. In Austin. At one of Sandra's restaurants (did you know she owned restaurants?!). Other diners said that both couples were very lovey-dovey to each other -- oh the details are just incredible!


Jennifer, being the coolest casual gal around, wore light-color shorts and wedges. Justin was in all black, of course. Sandra's very tall boyfriend Bryan wore jeans and a brown jacket while Sandy appeared to have her hair pulled back and be wearing dark colors. Someone posted a pic on their Facebook -- a sneaky pic. But there was nothing sneaky about the love happening at the bistro. There was a whole lot of love at their table.

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The other people who chose the best night ever to eat at Bess Bistro said that everyone at the table was in a great mood with each couple sitting close to each other. Justin had his arm around Jen. Sandy and Bryan were holding hands a lot of the time, but when they weren't he was rubbing her back. So much love!

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In case you were wondering what they were eating (because of course you were), the table ordered shrimp and grits and short ribs. Yum! No dessert -- though in my dreams the four of them headed back to Sandy's place and had some bubbly with fresh fruit. Because that's what famous people do. Jen and Sandy were fast friends -- they also met each other through other famous people: Jen became friends with Sandy through Gwyneth Paltrow. Jen and Gwynnie both dated Brad Pitt. Fascinating. And Bryan was Sandy's plus one to the wedding of Jen and Justin. Justin seems like the coolest guy on earth so of course he would get along with anyone cool, and so this double date happened.

We can't anticipate any more double dates at Bess's though -- this bistro is closing down in a couple of weeks. Sandy was said to have thanked the staff for all their great work. Never fear, there are plenty of other restaurants for them to go on double dates. 


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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