Kris Jenner May Be More Hurt by Caitlyn Jenner Than She's Letting On

Kris JennerFor a minute there, Kris Jenner had a lot of people convinced that she was totally supportive of her ex-husband's decision to live life as a woman. But Kris's sister Karen Houghton reportedly claims Kris is embarrassed and hurt by Caitlyn Jenner's transformation and is having a difficult time accepting it.


It's no secret that Kris, who was married to Caitlyn for more than two decades, chose to keep to herself after her ex came out via Vanity Fair this summer. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I feel she made the right call by stepping back and allowing her daughters to work through the discovery instead of giving a whole bunch of interviews and making herself the focus. But, according to Karen — who reportedly spoke to Britain's Heat magazine — the real reason Kris isn't talking is because she is deeply wounded by Caitlyn's transition.

"Of course we all love Caitlyn but I felt so bad for Kris, she was so hurt and is still coming to terms with it," Karen reportedly said. She went on to say: "Kris and Bruce had the happiest marriage. Kris doesn't talk about it much because she finds it embarrassing — I think she's hurt more than anything."

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I'm really not sure why a trusted sibling would agree to go on the record and divulge private details about her family members, but I'm guessing all of the Kardashian/Jenners are beyond caring about publicity at this point. A more important question is: How is this a shock to anyone? What wife wouldn't be hurt by the breakup of her marriage and the discovery that her husband was never truly content and happy in her skin throughout the time they were married and raising children together?

In Kris's mind, all was well in their marriage up until a few years ago. Imagine the shock of finding out the one person you trusted with your life never felt she was living her authentic self — even while you were intimate or sharing special moments with your children.

It's going to take Caitlyn's family a while to adjust to this change — and it's only fair that everyone allow them that time to come to terms with it.


Image via krisjenner/Instagram

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