14 Reminders That Pippa Middleton Is Definitely Not Royalty (PHOTOS)

Kelly Bryant | Sep 11, 2015 Celebrities
14 Reminders That Pippa Middleton Is Definitely Not Royalty (PHOTOS)

Pippa Middleton may have found fame because of her sister's royal status, but the British beauty is a star in her own right outside the clutches of Buckingham Palace.

While Pippa still tends to carry herself somewhat conservatively, there are many telltale signs that the 32-year-old is definitely not a royal, and we mean that in the best possible way. Here are some prime examples of the younger Middleton sister's supremely civilian status.


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  • She's not afraid to get dirty ...


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    Pippa isn't afraid to get down and dirty in the name of a good cause. She recently participated in the ÖTILLÖ race in Sweden, an intense 75 km course.

  • She was offered a job as a stripper ...


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    Obviously she didn't accept it, but she was offered a job to become a Hustler Honey at London's Hustler Club UK. It would have paid 100,000 GBP. Not surprised she turned down that gig.

  • She can rock a pantsuit ...


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    While her sister Kate has to abide by the palace's strict fashion rules, Pippa is free to wear whatever she pleases, like this adorable printed pantsuit.

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  • She's dedicated to cycling ...


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    No horse and carriage for this lady -- Pippa uses her cycling prowess to support the British Heart Foundation by participating in grueling rides.

  • She can openly hobnob with celebrities ...


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    You'll be hard-pressed to find the duke and duchess in the same social circle as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but Pippa attended the GQ Men of the Year party in 2014, where the reality star and rapper were also attendees.

  • She has a recipe in a celebrity cookbook ...


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    The Queen would frown upon Kate submitting a recipe to a celebrity cookbook, but Pippa was free to do so when the Morning Sunshine: A Dish For a Wish charity cookbook was compiled.

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  • She can dress sexy ...


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    Pippa proves she's no royal by taking the opportunity to don the occasional plunging neckline or miniskirt.

  • She carries her own luggage ...


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    There's no staff waiting in the wings to make sure Pippa's luggage gets carried through the airport without her breaking a sweat.

  • She goes clubbing without concern ...


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    Sure, she might not be thrilled to see the paparazzi as she leaves a London nightclub in the wee hours of the morning, but she certainly won't get reprimanded by the Queen, because she's not a royal.

  • She can have a date night ...


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    Pippa can paint the town with her boyfriend Nico James, and while they may turn heads, no bodyguards are needed.

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  • She walks to work ...


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    That's right, this woman has a j-o-b, and she often walks to her office located in London's Chelsea neighborhood.

  • She wrote a book ...


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    If she were a royal, Pippa probably wouldn't be allowed to pen much of anything given the family's super tight-lipped rules. But instead, she was able to author the book Celebrate, a party-planning guide, back in 2012.

  • She exercises in public ...


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    Pippa is obviously super fit, and she can often be spotted jogging around London or heading to the gym.

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  • She flies coach ...


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    No first class ticket here ... 'nuff said.

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