20 Times Kate Middleton Proved She's a 'Regular' Mum Just Like the Rest of Us

Amy Goldman | Sep 14, 2015 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton Prince George
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When we talk about the flawless pillar of English beauty known as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, it's easy to forget that she's a real person and not a fairy princess. Even though she's British royalty, she manages to remind us that she's a normal mom to three sweet kids. It's tough being a mom to begin with, but let's all remember that Kate tackles momhood with the entire world watching her. So much respect for this duchess. 

In her public appearances, Kate always looks poised and polished. Even more memorable than her outfits or accessories are the adorable moments she shares with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The duchess is great at being able to forget that the cameras are there and just focus on her children. 

It's hard to remember that Kate, although a duchess, is still figuring out this whole mom thing just like the rest of us. And we think that she has done an amazing job of using her position in the public eye to be a role model for all moms out there who are struggling as well. 

So, if you're a mom just trying to do the best for your kids, just remember that the Duchess of Cambridge is doing the same thing. Let’s take a look at some of Kate's most relatable mom moments!

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