Heidi Klum Stuns With Naughty, Cheeky Instagram Post -- Yeah, Those Cheeks! (PHOTO)

heidi klumHeidi Klum has strut the runway in fancy push-up bras and thong panties, but to see her lifting her skirt and being spanked by "The Naughty Spoon" in Heidi's recent Instagram pic was a bit shocking. Perhaps kinky is a better word? Stunning? Oh yes, for everyone involved, but maybe none of us could be as excited as the man holding that wooden spoon.


Is that the hand of Heidi's boyfriend Vito Schnabel?

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Ouch �

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I'm going to guess yes. Because there seems to be an awful lot of love (lust) going on between her and her 29-year-old man. Heidi is 42, in case you forgot. Still, this is quite risqué for even a woman who gets paid to prance around in her undies. Ah, the life of a model. Sure, Heidi has taken plenty of pics wearing just a thong and covering up her boobs with her hands, but being spanked? Well, that's Fifty Shades of Grey kind of stuff.

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Wait a minute. Is she trying to tell us something? Is she going to be revealed as Mrs. Robinson in Fifty Shades Darker? Is Heidi going to play Elena? Is she the one who taught Christian Grey to be a dom?

Probably not. I've most likely read way too into this. But I will applaud her for her fun with The Naughty Spoon. We should all have one. And Vito deserves a standing O for being with Heidi Klum. I hope that's his hand!


Image via heidiklum/Instagram

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