Prince Harry & His Ex-Girlfriend Are 'This Close' to Getting Back Together

Prince Harry has joked about his big brother's boring life since getting married and having children, but sources say he is also looking to settle down. Harry and ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy are reportedly talking about getting back together because the flame between them never truly died.


The 30-year-old prince has been spending the last few months working on conservation projects in Africa, but it seems he has also found time to hang out with Zimbabwean socialite Davy, with whom he shared a seven-year relationship. The two broke up in 2011, right before Prince Will and Kate Middleton's wedding (and possibly because of it), but have reportedly kept in touch as friends this entire time — even as he dated other women, like actress and model Cressida Bonas.

If the rumors are true, Harry and Chelsy still have feelings for each other and are discussing whether they should give their relationship another go. If and when they do, they'll apparently have a few issues to work out. Kate and Will's wedding reportedly made Chelsy question whether she was the right woman for Harry. The 29-year-old former solicitor doesn't think she fits in with the royal family and reportedly has no interest in becoming a princess or being in the spotlight every second of her life.

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Considering all of the nonsense Kate has to deal with on a daily basis — the rumors, speculation, and snippy comments courtesy of Queen Elizabeth — can anyone honestly blame Chelsy for having reservations about their relationship? Harry has always seemed like the most laid-back member of the royal family and certainly the one you'd want to kick back with, but at the end of that day, he's still a prince and there are expectations of him (and his future wife) that can't be ignored.

Both Harry and Chelsy are at an age in which they're probably thinking about their futures a lot more, so any step they make to rekindle their romance could spell marriage. Exciting, for sure, but will the socialite agree to a royal future?


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