Katy Perry's Burning Man 'Accident' Ended Up Being Ridiculously Entertaining (VIDEO)

If you're feeling like your day got off to a rough start, you need to see this video of Katy Perry falling off a Segway at Burning Man. While we're relieved to say she wasn't physically injured, we think you'll agree her dignity took a severe hit. But that's okay!


It's Katy Perry. She knows how to laugh at herself -- in fact, this is her Instagram video, which she captioned "obvious first time burner alert." Boy, she sure did throw herself into it. She's got the full gear -- goggles, boho shaggy coat, weird wheels.

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This is whole scenario is so Katy Perry: 1. Wearing that getup, 2. trying to ride a Segway, 3. in the middle of a sand storm, 4. falling off, 5. and doing it all at Burning Man. Check it out.

��obvious first time burner alert��

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

There's something inspiring about it. Like, all of us, go to the place you want to be, try that thing you want to try, and if you fail, laugh. I bet Katy got back on and eventually learned how to ride that thing. 

Now repeat after me: "At least I didn't fall off a Segway today."

Image via Jackie Brown / Splash News

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