Kim Kardashian Shows Off Bra in Crazy 'Travel Outfit' (PHOTO)

kim kardashianJust because she's pregnant doesn't mean Kim Kardashian has to stop wearing super sexy, see-through numbers. On Sunday, Kim, Kanye, and little North arrived in New York City, and Kim looked absolutely gorgeous in a see-through top. Only Kim could get away with this while six months pregnant!


The trio were bombarded by people after they touched down at JFK, and the Wests graciously posed with selfie-snapping fans. Not sure if it's the way the photographers' flashes were hitting Kim, or the fact that the reality star was just rocking a see-through shirt, but Kim's bra and cute belly are totally in full view in all of the photos -- and of course, she looks unbelievable!


Gorgeous, as always. Who looks like this after getting off a five-hour flight?!

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Here's another shot:

kim kardashian

Kim looks great. But, one question: What New York was Kim in on Sunday? From where I was standing, it definitely wasn't "trench coat weather."

Kim has been looking awesome during her pregnancy -- if only we were all so lucky! Hope she's squeezing in as much travel as she can right now, though, because in about a month or so, she's going to have to stay put in L.A. ... where she definitely can't wear a trench coat. 


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram; PapJuice/Nelson/ News

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