Kim Kardashian Wears Yet Another Maxi Dress -- With One Major Difference (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianWe've suspected this for quite a while, but it really seems as if Kim Kardashian has decided on an official pregnancy style: The Maxi Dress/Long Jacket combo. She's worn 'em in beige, she's worn 'em in taupe, she's worn 'em in black, she's worn 'em in gray -- and now we can add another "color" to the list!


In the recent shots, Kim can be seen strutting her pregnant stuff in a Maxi Dress/Long Jacket that's ... pink! Just about. I mean, it's almost pink. It definitely wants to be pink. But if it were 100 percent pink, Kim wouldn't have worn it, probably. Because, like we said, her Maxi Dress/Long Jacket combo wardrobe has thus far been all about the neutrals: Ecru. Sand. Slate. Steel. And a tiny bit of army green, which is pretty much a neutral, too. But now we have this very pretty-in-pink moment:

kim kardashian

See? It's pink! But more like, pink-bordering-on-champagne. Not like, hellloooo I'm PINK! 

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Still, it's quite possible that this is just a baby step in a more colorful direction. After all, there are still a few months to go in pregnancy #2 -- and there are only so many neutral shades to choose from. Of course, at the end of the day, Kim and Kanye will always be a couple that embraces earth tones:

kim kardashian, kanye west

Yup, even at the VMAs. Wonder if little Easton (?) will still get to wear blue??



Images via kimkardashian/Instagram; Bauer-Griffin/; Jen Lowery / Splash News

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