Erika Christensen Marries Man With the Greatest Facial Hair (PHOTOS)

erika christensenParenthood star Erika Christensen got married this weekend! We really miss our Julia Braverman-Graham, so I'm glad to see her in the news for something happy. Erika married cyclist Cole Maness, a very handsome chap with the best facial hair around. Love is saying "I do" to the person, but in Erikas's case she had to say "I do" to the mustache and beard as well.


I'd say there are two types of people -- those who love facial hair and those who don't. This couple clearly LOVES the look.

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erika christensen Cole Maness

The above photo was taken earlier in the year with Cole rocking a full lumberjack-style beard. I fall into the "I love beards and mustaches" category so I'm finding this look quite sexy.

Cole also has sported the mustache-only look, as seen in this photo from November when Erika announced their engagement.

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Prickly tickly kisses! If you stare at this photo too long it could look like Erika has the moustache. But of course she doesn't.

Erika and Cole apparently bike a lot together -- it's so cool that they seem to be the best of friends. And while she has stayed fairly private about her love, sharing a smooching photo is a big deal. There are also quite a few of them biking together. They tied the knot at a ranch near Palm Springs, California. I would bet that her dress was elegant with a touch of vintage appeal. Ten bucks says Cole wore a vest.

Happy love and wedding day!


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