Johnny Depp's Dior Commercial Makes McConaughey's Ad Merely Alright, Alright, Alright (VIDEO)

dior johnny deppMatthew McConaughey's commercials for Lincoln are nothing short of amazing -- they have inspired laughs and spoofs and of course it's always a delight to see a hot man behind the wheel of a sweet car. But Johnny Depp has come along and taken the celebrities-doing-commercials thing to a whole other level of cool. Because, of course. He's Johnny Depp. Depp is in a new Dior campaign for their men's fragrance Sauvage, and it's the most exciting commercial I've seen since ... well, ever.


There's Johnny playing guitar. Johnny driving a vintage car. Johnny wearing eyeliner. All the Johnny things we love so much. Then he's digging in the sand. Questioning life. Looking a little like Jack White (or does Jack look like Johnny?). It's Johnny Depp! In a commercial! Of course, it's not just any commercial -- this one is directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has done videos for Bjork, Bowie, and Madonna. And now we have this. Hollywood's tattooed bad-boy-turned-grown-man giving us all the wild and free things we love about him in one ad for a fragrance. Behold!

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Dior Sauvage – The new fragrance

// SAUVAGE // The new fragrance by Dior.The film starring Johnny Depp and directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Music by Ry Cooder: #diorsauvage

Posted by Dior on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

He's gotta get out of here, you know, be wild -- Sauvage. Those big thick silver rings on his fingers are the epitome of cool. What is he looking for? A coyote on a roof of his car. Why is he burying ancient beads given to him by his ex? (Just a guess.) He can FEEL IT! It's magic -- yes, yes it is!

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We can only hope this is the first of several commercials. We can only pray on the power of those buried beads that Johnny has gone the way of McConaughey and will do several more of these. Please.

I'm also thinking that the two could pair up and do one mega-commercial for Dior and Lincoln. But who would drive the car? It would have to be McConaughey because he's the Lincoln guy -- Depp is just the guy smelling like Sauvage. But Depp is no backseat driver -- nor could I picture him in the passenger seat. Maybe he could ride on the hood. Or just stand on the roof ... just like that coyote did.

Johnny Depp for President.


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