Beyonce's Birthday Card from Blue Ivy Is Sweeter Than Cake (PHOTO)

beyonceThe best thing about birthdays after you become a parent? The adorable handmade gifts, of course! That's what Beyoncé is learning, anyway: For her 34th birthday, 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy got into her art supplies and made the kind of sweet bday card any mom would be proud to display on the fridge!


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all my birthday wishes," Queen Bey captioned the shot. Just try not to melt looking at this one:


AWWWWW! Classic! The random amount of crooked candles, the "#1 Mom" sentiment. So sweet. I wonder if Beyoncé really will put this up on her fridge? It's weird to think about Beyoncé and Jay Z having a fridge, right? I picture them as having more of a private, fully staffed restaurant in their house that just sends up room service whenever they need it. But who knows? Personally I think this would make a really cute tattoo. Just the "#1 Mom" part, or maybe just the cake. Beyoncé could totally rock that, right? 

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Anyway, it just goes to show: Out of all the presumably ridiculously expensive gifts Beyoncé received, this is the one that means the most. Can't buy me love, as the song goes. Not Beyoncé's song, but still. 


Image via beyonce/Instagram

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